Enterprise Solution

The CarComm Rugged EDA Multi-Charger Cabinet is the perfect solution for large companies and enterprises that need to charge and store a large number of mobile devices.

The cabinets come in different sizes and have a capacity to charge and store up to 210 devices. The ergonomic design of the cabinet allows you to maximize the number of devices stored and charged in a small area. 

The cabinets can be customised to be used with EDAs, Smartphones, Tablets or a mix of these, you can even insert your own 19” compatible rack mount devices. Such as 3rd party solutions or integrate wireless connectivity, local hotspots or even server systems and telecommunication systems.

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Zebra / Motorala

MC70 / MC75


Dolphin CT50 / CT60


Pidion BIP-1500


TC72 / TC77

The CarComm 1-Slot Desktop Cradle is a robust compact design so that it doesn't take up much desk space and charges your device fast.
Output voltage: 9V - 2A Max

The CarComm 4-Slot Desktop Cradle, store and charge up to 4 devices. Ideal for office and industrial environments.
Output voltage : 5V – 8A Max

The CarComm 12-Slot Desktop Cradle, store and charge up to 12 devices. Ideal for office and industrial environments. Output voltage : 5V – 24A max

iBOLT TabDock LockPro 25mm (1 inch) Bizmount- Heavy Duty Industrial Metal Locking Drill Base Mount for All 7" - 10" Tablets. Ideal for fleets, work, warehouse, point of sale etc

iBOLT TabDock Bizmount Clamp- Heavy Duty Dual-Ball C-Clamp Mount for All 7" - 10" Tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.) Great for Desks, Tables, Wheelchairs, Homes, Schools, Offices, Hospitals

iBOLT TabDock FixedPro 360 -Heavy Duty Metal 8" Multi-Angle Drill Base Mount for All 7" - 10" Tablets (iPad, Nexus, Samsung Tab) for Desks, Tables, Countertops : Great for Homes, Businesses, etc.

iBOLT Tabdock BizMount -Holder /Mount with Suction Cup Base- for Your Windshield , Dashboard , or Desk - Compatible with All 7"-10" Tablets: iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus


iBOLT TabDock Flexpro Clamp- Heavy Duty C-Clamp Mount for All 7" - 10" Tablets (iPad, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab) for Desks, Tables, Wheelchairs, etc : Great for Homes, Schools, Offices, Hospitals

iBOLT TabDock Console - Heavy Duty Expandable and Adjustable Cup Holder Mount for All 7" - 10" Tablets (iPad, Nexus, Samsung Tab). Great for Work, Personal, and Business Vehicles



iBolt MFI Certified ChargeDock- Magnetic Vehicle/Desktop Dock/Mount w/ 2 mounting Options. Works w/Most Phone and case Combinations (iPhone 12/11/Xs/Xs Max/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6


iBolt Roadvise Bizmount Heavy Duty 9mm Bolt mount for Motorcycles mirror frames. Works with all phones 2 to 4 inches wide

Works with all types of SmartPhones



iBOLT Stream-Cast Stand Adjustable Overhead Phone Mount for Live Streaming Tutorial Videos and Photos. Great for Crafters, Bakers, Artists- iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 Etc.


iBOLT cProNFC USB-C Bizmount Phone Holder /Mount w/ Heavy Duty suction cup and Integrated charging cable- for your windshield , Dashboard - for Fleets , Cars, Trucks (Samsung Galaxy S11, S10 etc.)



iBOLT xProDock NFC Bizmount - Phone Holder/Mount with Heavy Duty Suction Cup Base and 2m microUSB Cable- for Your Windshield, Dashboard.


Apple MFI Certified iPro2 Bizmount Phone Holder/Mount w/Heavy Duty Suction Cup and Integrated Charging Cable- for Your Windshield, Dashboard - for Fleets, Cars, Trucks (iPhone 12/12Pro/12mini, 11/11Pro / Xs/Xs Max/ 8/8 Plus


iBOLT Roadvise XL AMPS Heavy Duty Metal Drill Base AMPS Mount for Smartphones, Midsize Tablets from 2.75 inches to 5 inches Wide- Great for Trucks, Wall mounting, Commercial Vehicles


RoadVise motorcycle phone mount fits phones with cases weighing up to 2 pounds and measuring up to 4” wide, including Apple iPhone 12 12 Pro, 12 Max, 12 Mini, 11 Pro Max and others


Make your device work as hard as you do with iBOLT Mounts! iBOLT is a manufacturer of heavy duty mounting solutions for mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, cameras, ELD devices, Garmin, GoPro cameras, etc. 

Today, we have over 300+ different modular parts and products that can be combined to create a unique mounting solution for you. We manufacture our products in a variety of materials and sizes requested directly from our customers including a wide variety of industry standard 17mm, 20mm, 1 inch/ 25mm, 1.5 inch/ 38mm, 2.5 inch/ 57mm ball mounts and adapters. 

iBOLT Supports Businesses and Fleets! Register today for a Business account for tiered pricing and exclusive discounts.