What Are the Creative Uses of iPad Table Mounts for Artists and Designers?

3 December 2023 by
What Are the Creative Uses of iPad Table Mounts for Artists and Designers?

In today's digital age, iPads have become indispensable tools for artists and designers. Their portability, powerful apps, and high-quality touchscreens make them ideal canvases for creative work. To enhance the creative process, many artists and designers have turned to iPad table mounts as versatile accessories that provide flexibility and convenience. In this blog post, we will explore the innovative and creative uses of iPad table mounts for artists and designers.

Hands-Free Reference and Inspiration

One of the most significant advantages of using an iPad table mount is the ability to access reference materials and inspiration hands-free. Artists can set up their iPads at the perfect viewing angle, allowing them to reference source images, colour palettes, and reference sketches while they work. This is especially valuable for artists working on detailed illustrations or intricate designs, as it frees up their hands to focus on the creative process without constantly adjusting and holding the tablet. 

Digital & Art Creation

For digital artists, iPad table mounts offer a stable platform for creating digital art. Whether using a stylus, Apple Pencil, or a touchscreen, artists can work with precision and control, achieving intricate details and dynamic strokes. The adjustable nature of the mount allows artists to position their iPad at the most comfortable and ergonomic angle, reducing the risk of fatigue during long creative sessions.

Video and Animation Production

IPad table mounts are not limited to static artwork; they are also incredibly valuable for animators and video creators. With the tablet securely mounted, animators can draw frame-by-frame animations with ease. Furthermore, video editors can use their iPads to access editing software, making it convenient to view and edit footage on a larger screen without the need for a computer. The adjustable mount enables creators to find the perfect angle for reviewing and editing video content, whether for professional projects or personal vlogs.

Collaboration and Presentation

Artists and designers often need to collaborate with clients, colleagues, or fellow artists. iPad table mounts make it easy to transform the tablet into a collaborative tool. Using screen-sharing apps or collaborative whiteboard applications, artists and designers can sketch, brainstorm, and present ideas directly from the iPad. The mount ensures that the screen remains visible and steady during discussions and design critiques.

Convenient Workshops and Art Classes

Many artists and designers also serve as instructors, teaching others the art and craft of their trade. iPad table mounts are invaluable for conducting digital art workshops and classes. Instructors can use the iPad to demonstrate techniques, create digital art in real-time, and provide visual explanations. By projecting the iPad screen or sharing it with the class, students can follow along and learn more effectively.

Bottom Line

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