iBOLT 22mm Tightening Ring
SKU: 21154 - Swivel tightening ring for securing smartphone or tablet holders to 22mm ball pedestals. This includes only the 22mm tightening ring. No holders or mounts are included in this package.
£ 2.91 2.91 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Socket to 4 Prong Adapter
SKU: 21141 - This adapter converts your 22mm mount or pedestal into a 4-prong compatible mount like iBOLT 21110 Tablet Holder. (Mounts and holders sold separately.)
£ 4.16 4.16 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Socket to AMPS
SKU: 23511 - This adapter converts your 22mm mount or pedestal into a 4-Hole AMPS drill-base mount. (Mounts, holders, and devices sold separately.)
£ 4.99 4.99 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Ball Socket to 2T Adapter
SKU: 23502 - Adapter allows you to convert a 22mm ball pattern mount to the 2T / Dual-T pattern to accommodate Dual T-Slot holders (mounts and holders sold separately). This includes only the 22mm Ball to 2T / Dual T-Tab Adapter.
£ 6.95 6.95 GBP
iBOLT 17mm Ball Socket to 2T Adapter
SKU: 23500 - 17mm Adapter converts any mount or pedestal with a 17mm ball to a 2T / Dual T-Tab mount, making it compatible with Dual T-Slot universal smartphone and tablet holders (sold separately).
£ 6.95 6.95 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Ball Camera Mounting Bolt
SKU: 23523 - This adapter turns your standard camera mount or tripod into a GoPro-compatible accessory. This adapter is compatible with camera mounts, tripods, and other accessories with a 1/4”-20 mounting bolt, making them compatible with GoPro HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2, and HERO action cameras.
£ 7.49 7.49 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Ball AMPS Adapter Plate
SKU: 22146 - iBOLT AMPS Adapter Plate with 22mm Ball Joint
£ 9.99 9.99 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Claw / Clamp Mount
SKU: 22195 - This Clamp post mount is compatible with 22mm ball components. Use on a wheelchair rail, as a microphone stand mount, or on any handlebar or post measuring 12 to 40mm in diameter.
£ 14.99 14.99 GBP
£ 19.99 19.990000000000002 GBP
iBOLT 22mm Ball 18" Gooseneck drill Base with Screw Pack
SKU: 22129 - This package is NOT a complete mount solution and includes only the Aluminium Seat Rail or Floor Mount featuring a 22mm Ball Head and 18" Flexible Gooseneck. (Holders sold separately.)
£ 20.82 20.82 GBP
iBOLT 12" Adjustable FlexPro C-Clamp Mount Only
SKU: 22138 - Heavy-duty desk, cart, or table mounting pedestal replaces or upgrades an existing pedestal and is compatible with iBOLT Dual-T or 4 Prong universal smartphone and tablet holders.
£ 23.99 23.990000000000002 GBP
iBOLT Extendable Shaft Suction mount
SKU: 22203 - Windshield suction car mount with extension arm works with iBOLT 4 Prong or Dual T Tab-compatible holders or adapters (sold separately).
£ 24.99 24.990000000000002 GBP
£ 29.99 29.990000000000002 GBP